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Price List
Al-Meda Famous Chocolate Stix Al-Meda Marshmallow Treats
Our most popular and favorite item!  Milk, Dark or Mixed Chocolate This old favorite is available right now. John Rupp, who was the owner of Al-Meda Chocolates for many years, developed the delicious marshmallow recipe. Its delicate, soft, and magnificent center is coated with delicious Al-Meda's Chocolate. One word describes this morsel, fantastic! Order early, we make just a few batches.
1/4-lb. box $13.50 1-lb. box $45.50 3/4-lb. box $33.50
1/2-lb. box $24.50 2-lb. box $90.00 1.5-lb. box $69.50
3-lb. box $135.00
Al-Meda Mints Al-Meda Chocolate Covered Nuts
Creamy mint centers dipped in a rich chocolate shell.  Milk, Dark or Mixed Chocolate A real favorite with many people.  Your choice of nuts or we'll pack to your liking.  Milk, Dark or Mixed Chocolate
1/4-lb. box $13.50 1-lb. box $45.50 1/2-lb. box $24.50 2-lb. box $90.00
1/2-lb. box $24.50 2-lb. box $90.00 1-lb. box $45.50 3-lb. box $135.00
Al-Meda Gourmet Chocolate Covered Pretzels Bits 'N Pieces
Small sized, twisted pretzels dipped in Al-Meda's high-quality delicious milk or dark chocolate, and packaged in one pound bags. Your choice of milk or dark chocolate. These are the broken centers of the Stix, dipped in Al-Meda chocolate, same great taste as the Stix! Sorry, they aren't available mixed, only milk or dark chocolate.  Packed in one-pound bags.
1-lb. bag $25.00 1 lb bag $25.00 per bag
Fresh Nuts!!
For anyone who wants to enjoy great tasting nuts naturally, they are available year round.  Packaged in plastic bags, and tied with colorful ribbon.
Roasted Salted Cashews Mammoth Pecan Halves
8 oz. $10.00 8 oz. $10.00
16 oz. $19.00 16 oz. $19.00
32 oz. $38.00 32 oz. $38.00
Roasted Salted Almonds Fresh Mixed Nuts
8 oz. $9.00 8 oz. $10.00
16 oz. $17.00 16 oz. $19.00
32 oz. $34.00 32 oz. $38.00
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$8.01 - $24.50 $10.00 $200.01 - $400.00 $25.00
$24.51 - $45.50 $14.00* $400.01 - $1500.00 $35.00
$45.51 - $200.00 $15.00* Over $1,501.00 shipping cost based upon UPS quoted charge

*$2.50 surcharge for package value of $24.51 to $200.00 sent to AK., AZ., CA., CO., HI., ID., MT., OR., NV., NM., UT., WA., WY. and US Virgin Islands.

The shipping charge includes shipping, handling and insurance.  If your package is being sent to Canada or out of the country, additional postage is required.